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Horrid Henry: The Movie

It’s quite something when a cartoon character likes me becomes a real live action movie with fabulously famous, real life actors!

And as if that’s not cool enough, Horrid Henry: The Movie was the first ever British film for kids in 3D!

Wow! That means we’re record breakers!!



Horrid Henry: The Movie tells the story of what happened when my school was going to be shut down. Now you might think that was a good thing, but when you’re faced with going to St. Giddiantus School for Girls, drastic action is needed. And if that means holding hands with Moody Margaret, then I'll hold hands with Moody Margaret!!

Theo Stevenson plays me in the movie, lucky him! He stars with some of the top names in the business; Angelica Huston is really famous and she makes a mean Miss Battle-Axe! Richard E. Grant is the baddie (he’s pretty scary!) and Jo Brand is great as Greasy Greta the Demon Dinner Lady!  In fact, the cast of the Movie look just like the cartoon characters themselves ... or should that be ourselves!!



Don’t forget Kimberley Walsh! She plays my cousin, Prissy Polly and she also sings on the Movie Sound Track CD …. everybody dance now!!  You’ll find Pixie Lott, Justin Beiber, The Saturdays and the Black Eye Peas on the Movie CD too .. and The Killer Boys Rats of course! They’re my favouites!!

Have a look at the CD here, it really is awesome!!



People are watching Horrid Henry: The Movie all over the world! Of course they are, it’s the Most Mega Movie Ever … we think so anyway!!

Ever wondered how a movie like Horrid Henry is made? My Movie Mayhem reveals all the secrets and you can watch it here!

And I’ve got a special treat for members of the Purple Hand Gang – so keep reading for an exclusive interview with Theo Stevenson, or as I call him, Thunderous Theo!



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