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Horrid Henry's Purple Pass

Hey! You are in the Official Horrid Henry Shop!

Welcome, you’re in for a treat!!

This is where you can see, and buy, cool Horrid Henry stuff! So, what do you want to look at?

How about my famous, blue and yellow stripped Horrid Henry top? It’s essential wear for all horrids!!  Or maybe you want to go all the way with the Horrid Henry Dressing Up Costume; it’s even got a mask so you can look just like me!!

You’ll find Horrid Henry toys here, games too and even some Horrid Henry Apps, well, we all love to play don’t we?!

And don’t forget my Horrid Henry Books! There’s puzzles and word searches and crosswords and colouring and even a Horrid Henry Sticker book to get stuck into!

Love music? Love Horrid Henry sounds! Check out my CDs from my TV Show and my Movie. Did you know you can listen to Horrid Henry stories too with My Gross Guide audio CDs? They rock!!

It wouldn’t be a Horrid Henry Shop without Horrid Henry DVDs or if you prefer to download, find my TV episodes on iTunes too!

There’s no need to go to a Mum shop or a shop for worms … everything you need to be horrid is right here!!

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