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Horrid Henry's Purple Pass

You’ll have loads of fun with my awesome Horrid Henry activity books and annuals! Why not collect them all for completely horrid collection?!!

  • Horrid Henry’s Colouring Book

    There are lots of Horrid Henry pictures to colour in my cool Colouring Book! Don't forget blue and yellow, and purple too!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Wicked Wordsearches

    My Wordsearches are wicked fun! And they're educational too! Honest!!  Te hee!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Crazy Crosswords

    Next time you get sent to your room, make sure you've got my Crazy Crosswords to keep you busy!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Headscratchers

    Don't worry Mum!!  This head scratching is nit free!!!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Sticker Book

    Icky Sticky horridness ... now that's what I call fun!!!!

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  • Horrid Henry Runs Riot

    Runs riot!?!  I think that can be arranged!!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Mad Mazes

    There's always a way to get where you want!!  You just have to find it!!!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Classroom Chaos

    Terrible teachers be warned!!  This is serious chaos!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Brainbusters

    Bust your brain and be a Brainy Brian!!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Puzzle Book

    The pick of my favourite puzzles! Perfect!!

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  • Horrid Henry’s Holiday Havoc

    Holiday havoc?!! No problem with this awesome activity book!!!

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