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Horrid Henry's Purple Pass

Warning: Horrid Henry clothes make you seriously cool! Te hee!!

  • Horrid Henry T-Shirt Booth

    How would you like to get your name next to mine on this terrific T-shirt??!!

    Download T-shirt Booth today to get your personalised T-shirts (or pass it on for the perfect gift!)

    Then, upload your a picture, add your name and get it printed onto a T-Shirt!

    You receive a great shirt and a charity receives a donation, how cool is that?!!

    They even deliver worldwide!

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  • Horrid Henry Dress Up Costume - With a Tricks bag!

    Now you can look just like me with this cool dressing up costume! It's even got a mask so don't be surprised if everyone thinks you're horrid!!!

    For a short time, Asda have a special extra with the costume! A special Tricks bag...make sure you get this limited edition before it runs out! 

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  • Horrid Henry Stripe Long Sleeve t-shirt

    I wouldn't be me without my world famous blue and yellow stripped top! And now you can be just like me too!!

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