If your little one isn’t ready to be Horrid just yet,
they’ll love getting the Fimble Feeling!


Fimbles creates a world full of entertainment, laughter and surprise, a world that children want to visit time and time again. Brimming with wonder, joy, delight and sheer enthusiasm, the Fimbles are interested in everyone and everything.  Their imaginations know no limits, and to them anything seems possible. 

Their natural talent is for finding things. When something is waiting to be found, the three Fimbles – Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom – get that very special Fimbling Feeling; their fingers twinkle, their topknots twitch and their noses wrinkle with excitement as they move towards the object that’s waiting to be found, eager to touch and explore it for the first time. These ‘finds’ might be real objects, a button, a key or a seashell; they might be natural elements, sunshine, wind or rain, or something even more imaginative, such as a colour, a sound or a number. 

Accompanied on their adventures by their guide and mentor Bessie the bird, Rockit the blue treefrog and Roly Mo the mole, the Fimbles are warm-hearted, exuberant, inquisitive, open and playful, 

Full of fun, music and laughter and the delights of exploration and discovery, every day is a Fimbly Finding day!

Roly mo
Fimbles Bessie

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