Horrid Halloween
Horrid Henry Dark Avenger

Who said Halloween should be just for one day?


It’s the Season of Spooks and the fun starts here!!


Rude Ralph says there’s nothing more horrid than a Horrid Halloween! I can’t wait to share my favourite spooks and scares with you, plus games and Horrid How To videos and my very own Trick ‘n’ Treat Top Tips.


Choose your chills here or scroll down for more.


Guess the Fancy Dress

Horrid Halloween Hurry Up!! 

My Horrid Halloween Around the World

Gruesome Games

Horrid Halloween How To

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How to have a Horrid Halloween

Hello, Brainy Brian here.


I caught up with the one and only Horrid Henry to ask him how to have a Horrid Halloween, and this is what he said!

What are you going to be wearing?


My very own brilliant dress-up costume of course, with a Killer Boy Rats Mask to make it extra scary (find out how to make a Killer Boy Rats mask here)!


Henry and Brian
Henry holding killer boy rays mask
Also I’m going to put a Purple Hand in the window, so everyone knows we’re having a Horrid Halloween!

What Tricks are you planning?



I’ll probably do a Toot Suite call with the Purple Hand Gang too, so we can tell each other spooky stories and trade our Top Tips for Tricks!
horrid henry on tootsuite
ralph with monster hands
Rude Ralph’s trying out the idea of a reverse trick or treat; that means he’s dropping off all his sweet treats on everyone’s doorstep so they can do their tricks at home – let’s hope someone drops off some treats for him too!
halloween Margaret treehouse
Moody Margaret’s gone spooktacularly over the top; she got Moonage Daydream in to give her treehouse a monster makeover, check this out!
Miss Lovely cats for Halloween
Miss Lovely’s organising a treasure hunt for all her cats, they love Tickly Treats too – how lovely is that?!

What Treats are you planning?

Having my brand new Gross Day Out special on repeat, that’s going to be one of the best treats ever – Mum and Dad have even said they’ll watch it with us (not sure that’s such a good idea, mind you!)
And if I’m lucky we’ll have a Horrid Hot chocolate and I won’t even have to argue with the worm about changing channels, ‘cos he loves watching it too!


And we’ll be eating pizza from the Golden Gate Garden Centre (did I mention that they do the best pizzas ever!)
horrid henry pizza competition

The wonderful world of Horrid Henry