Horrid Henry

250 episodes of Horridly happy fun!

A hilarious and true to life family sitcom which looks at the modern world through the eyes of Henry and his friends, need we say more?!

Horrid Henry’s

Gross Day Out

Worlds collide as Henry makes plans to spend Saturday on the sofa watching a Gross Class Zero marathon and his favourite characters come to life!
Horrid Henry’s

Wild Weekend

Henry unexpectedly competes for the Brainbox of the Year Cup, Mum and Dad try to slip away for a night without the kids and Great Aunt Greta has a teenager to stay – just another quiet weekend in Ashton!

Horrid Henry

The Movie in 3D (and 2D!)

Henry fails, yet again, to hand in his homework, setting off a chain of events which will see him forming an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret and Perfect Peter, outwitting the School Inspectors and toppling an evil Headmaster, winning Too Cool For School and facing his ultimate nemesis with no way out!
Horrid Henry’s

Sunshine Special

Calling all loyal members of the Purple Hand Gang, are you ready to rock?! Henry’s back in style, with a fantastically brilliant compilation of favourite episodes and brand new music videos.

Featuring the best and most horrid of stories, Horrid Henry on the Big Screen sees Henry setting off on a vile vacation (will he ever get rid of old bogey brain next door?), becoming King Henry the Horrible and liking it too much, getting a new and titanic TV, becoming a grown up (but not for long) and, can you believe it, trying to go to school! Nooooooo! So pack up your air guitar and come and join Henry and his friends, family and enemies for the best and most horrid entertainment ever, tee hee!

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